Words, words, words

Nothing like words to get you writing words. I’ve always been fascinated by language and languages, and this website is a way to explore that fascination.

I’ve had the website for many years, first as a poetry website, and then as a website focussed on poetry in translation. However, as my website http://www.morphrog.com took off, and also as excellent publications such as Modern Poetry in Translation got better and better, the need for something in that space has diminished.

But I want to keep the website going, so giving it a new purpose seems like the best idea. And the theme of words fits the bill.

The reason I chose polyscriptum as the name of the website was itself a kind of pun. Rather like “television”, polyscriptum is a hybrid of Greek and Latin. Poly is Greek for “many” and scriptum is Latin for “written” so it seemed like a webname that incorporated the idea of writings  in multiple languages and scripts.

That’s how I would like to develop this. I have had a lifelong interest in written scripts. I took Oriental Studies at University,  lived in Asia and the Middle East, and developed a keen interest in scripts from my study of archaeology. So I am keen to explore words as they are written down and spoken around the world.

As usual when I build a website, I will be developing this step-by-step, and I have launched from the first day of getting this permissioned by Fasthosts.

Please email me at polyscriptum@gmail.com if you want to contribute any thoughts or ideas.