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Please submit materials for consideration by email to polyscriptum@gmail.com.

Please indicate in the subject field of the email your name and the section for which you are sending material.

e.g. Subject: Submission by Joe Smith, Translations.

We assume that you are submitting your own original work, and that the material that you submit is not in breach of any copyright regulations.

It is helpful to include a brief statement of authenticity of the work in the email; e.g. I am submitting five translations for your consideration. These are my own translations of work by the poet <First name> <Surname> and as far as I am aware, they do not breach any copyright regulations.

Please attach an A4 sheet with your actual contributions, and mark theseĀ  on each separate page with your name, contact details and the page number (ideally in the format 1 of 5 … 5 of 5).

polyscriptum.com will do its best to communicate with those submitting work, but we can make no guarantees about the timeframe in which we contact you.

Please note that any decision on whether to publish work submitted rests entirely with the editors of polyscriptum.com.