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Swithering by Yahia Lababidi

Swithering Sometimes, after the rain, returning home the night is like a dark dew-speckled rose and somewhere in between all that velvet of those petals, we no longer are sure How we got here or who’ll greet us at the…

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Seed by Janet Sutherland

Seed we are making a path collecting stones flint and old buttons from a dead mans shirt I have let seed fall here, the tares and the foxgloves drift in under cover of darkness birds shit pips into the cracks,…

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A Poem by Safaa al-Nuaimi

A Poem by Safaa al-Nuaimi ترى.. اي نوع من الموسيقى سيستمع اليها الربُ حين يبدأ بتعذيبنا..! لا اذكر من مدرستي سوى ظل المدير الطويل في أولات الصباح وهو ممتد من سارية العَلم حتى المرافق! نحن غبار مدارسنا، لذا نبدو في…

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Missing by Jeremy Page

MISSING Suddenly I am the star of every parent's nightmare. Shoppers, shelf stackers, my other children are all extras, walk-on parts, but the other leading players have gone missing from the set. The panic is all mine. Someone, somewhere in…

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